that leads to

better learning

Give students more chances to show what they know

Kids thrive on discovering how much they know — and being recognized for it. And that makes them want to learn more. GenEd’s pattern-based tests are short and engaging, enabling students to read and respond alertly and activate their knowledge fully. Our scoring provides information while the tests provide an opportunity for learning.

Help teachers connect assessment with instruction

We design for the classroom, where a teacher and students interact and learn together. Our thought-provoking pattern-based questions stimulate participation as warm-ups for a lesson or launching pads for follow-up discussion, as well as informal or formal assessment. Armed with a precise readout of each student’s test responses, the teacher can locate points of strength or difficulty and adapt instruction for individuals or groups.

Provide districts with data that reveals meaningful patterns

For accelerated learning to work, we need to start from what kids know. Our assessments are scalable to an individual student, a class, a school, a district, or an entire state. Our instantly available analytics of students’ progress can be as fine-grained as every choice on every question. Zooming out, they can give you a picture of your whole school’s readiness that you can act on.

Ask better questions,
get more actionable answers

The “pattern” in “pattern-based” means that each of our questions provides up to 8X the information of a traditional question. That’s because our questions are designed to reveal patterns in a student’s thinking about a topic. We’ve developed a new item structure in which each question and its answer choices measure a range of depth of understanding. The result is a snapshot of the student’s knowledge.

Raise the bar
while closing the gaps

Any teacher who works with kids holds themselves accountable every day. We have learning tools that reach every kid — and every teacher. We support accountability and provide tools that measure learning fairly and accurately. We’re committed to the elimination of achievement gaps created by social inequities.